North St. Paul

North St. 保罗是一个3人的小镇.1平方英里,有6个街区长的主街. 一个小工业村变成了一环郊区,北街. Paul embraces its small-town feel but also recognizes it is part of a larger region. 拥有超过125年历史的北街. Paul is a tight-knit community with bonds to the town atmosphere, its neighbors, 以及他们共同的过去. 但它也是一个面向未来的城市, embracing technology and seeking new ways to capture the next wave of innovation and ingenuity to propel the community forward.

有大量的城市公园, schools, churches, 古色古香的闹市区和宁静的社区, North St. 保罗是一个生活质量很高的城镇. It is connected to a thriving metropolitan region and appreciates how this enhances residents’ access to a diversity of jobs, 文化及康乐机会, 优质的医疗服务, 高等教育的机会. 尽管作为一个社区,北街. Paul seeks to become more “urban” by investing in progressive infrastructure improvements and more compact development, it will strive to preserve the small-town atmosphere by ensuring that future projects adhere to a quality design standard and aesthetic character.  北街之城. Paul is proud to provide the following municipal utilities to our residents and businesses: electric, water and sewer.   

north st. paul mn map